bookThis section of the website contains a reprint of the original book cover, the Table of Contents, and all the chapters originally published in Part 2 of the Monograph. These chapters are illustrations of how the OPM(A) was used in research, education, practice and administration. Chapters in Part 1 appear as reprints in other parts of this site (Origin, Structure, Definitions, OPM(A) Reasoning Guide).

Reference each chapter as a section in an edited book. Use the following example for the first chapter as a guide.

Ranka, J., (1997). Occupational performance: A guide for upper limb orthotic prescription in spinal cord injury. In C. Chapparo and J. Ranka (Eds.) Occupational Performance Model (Australia): Monograph 1 (pp. 66-82). Occupational Performance Network: Sydney retrieved (insert retrieval date) from